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Where To Eat In Koh Tao

For a small island like Koh Tao, it certainly isn’t lacking in places to eat. On just the short stretch of Sairee Beach, you can find almost anything that suits your fancy. From Thai to European to Indian and much more, you definitely won’t go hungry. While Sam and I like to eat more on the budget side, we also won’t pass up a fancy place setting and a candle lit dinner for the right price.

We stayed all across Sairee Beach and explored to the outer ends of the island as well, and I believe this is great starting point for first timers to try out during the dining experience on Koh Tao.


Lovely day in Koh Tao

1.) Blue Chair

Blue Chair is an awesome little restaurant right in the center of Sairee Village. It’s on the right hand side of the road, and keep your eyes peeled because you might miss it! With most meals ranging from 80-150 baht, it certainly is an affordable venue. We ate here a few times and loved it. I had the Chicken Cashew Nut, Green Curry Chicken and Massaman Curry Chicken. All of which I would highly recommend. Blue Chair also had a wide selection of beverages to choose from, and even a reasonably priced house wine, which is hard to come by.

Average meal – 120 baht (~$4 USD)

2.) Coffee Boat

Ahhh, Coffee Boat. Sam and I stayed in a bungalow right next to Coffee Boat for over a week, and we were so happy to have found this little gem. Located just a step away from the beach and right smack in the middle of Sairee Beach, Coffee Boat was a perfect spot for us. Not only was it ridiculously cheap (for the islands!) but they also served some of the biggest portion sizes I’ve ever seen. I think I ate their Massaman Curry with rice at least once a day (even for breakfast some mornings!) Sam always ordered a few appetizers and a main. Our bill never amounted to more than 300 baht (~$10 USD) and we ordered a few apps, two mains and usually a beer or two. Best quality and best value on the islands hands down.

Average meal – 70 baht (~$2.50 USD)


Spent many afternoons working at In Touch

3.) In Touch

In Touch is a great restaurant right at the waters edge, located at the very farthest bit on the south of the beach. I voted In Touch as the best Pad Thai on the island. With Pad Thais and other dishes ranging from 70-100 baht, it’s definitely one of the most affordable. They also have a great deck area with cushions and good music if you just want to relax and enjoy a drink or two. I spent many afternoons working at In Touch because they had really strong wifi and a gorgeous view!

Average meal – 90 baht (~$3.00 USD)

4.) Through The Looking Glass

If you’re craving a real traditional brekkie, than this is the place to go. It’s only open from 6 am – 2 pm, and known for its Bacon, Egg and Cheese rolls. It’s certainly a nice little taste from home, after eating curry and cheese toasties for breakfast for the last three months! For Bacon, Egg & Cheese or Sausage, Egg & Cheese, it costs between 70-90 baht, which is more than worth it the second you sink your teeth into it! They also offer sausage rolls, chicken pies, etc.

Average Meal – 90 baht (~$3.00 USD)

5.) Cheeseburger Stand

I’m sure this is going against all of your safety and health check instincts, but this Cheeseburger Stand was one of the best cheeseburgers I’ve ever tasted. And I’m from South Florida – home of the Jack’s Cheeseburger (AKA BEST BURGER EVER.) He’s usually located towards the north end of the beach in between Office Bar and Diza’s Corner Bar. For 120 baht, you get a cheeseburger, lettuce, tomato, onions, all of the sauces you could ever want, and a very satisfied appetite. If you see him, tell him I say what up.

Average Meal – 120 baht (~$4 USD)


Hanging out at Fizz Lounge!

6.) Fizz Lounge

Fizz Lounge is definitely not classified as budget. If anything, it’s more expensive than eating in the USA, but the food is really that good. On top of that, they have these great bean bags, mood lighting and music that are right on the beach, and it makes for a great sunset meal and drink (or two..) We split the meatball dish, which consisted of three meatballs, gravy and mashed potatoes. We also had a few drinks to watch the sunset. Recommended if you’re looking for a really nice, Western meal.

Average meal – 200 baht (~$7.00 USD)

7.) Korean BBQ

Never did I think my first Korean BBQ experience would be on the tiniest island in Thailand, but I’m happy it was! We went here with a bunch of our friends from La Bombona Diving and it was quite the experience. It’s located in a plaza behind a gas station on the main road near the pier. For 250-300 baht, you were given a plate of chicken, bacon, veggies, eggs, etc, and a mini BBQ set. I’m usually quite lazy and hate the thought of cooking my own food at a restaurant, but I had so much fun. While we waited for the food to cook, we had drinks and talked and had a really good time. The food was also delicious as well!

Average meal – 300 baht (~$10 USD)

What was your favourite restaurant in Koh Tao? Leave a comment here!

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