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Top 10 Things We Miss About Switzerland

10.) Snow in June

But really… It’s June. Why is this the view from my room? Why do I have to wear multiple layers of clothes just to get to dinner?

9.) The beautiful hikes through the Swiss Alps

The fact that this view was right out front of where we lived still amazes me.

8.) The refreshing water we could drink straight out of this:

After that quarter of a mile hike up from our dorms to the bar, this is what we all felt like doing. This water was so refreshing, so cold. I would do anything to be able to have one more sip of this water.

7.) Blasting 8tracks playlists every second of the day.

Have we listened to the same playlist for 5 weeks straight? I DON’T CARE. I LOVE IT.

6.) Wine Festivals

Oh, it’s just a tasting? How about you just fill up the whole glass… again.

5.) Chocolate. Swiss Chocolate.
We were chocolate fiends like, “OMG where did my chocolate bar go? Did someone steal it?”
But then we would find it, and it’s like:

4.) Alcohol being cheaper than water.

IMG_2527 IMG_1842
Water bottle: 4 euro. Pitcher of sangria: 3 euro. You do the math.

3.) Beautiful men with beautiful accents. 


IMG_3378 IMG_3562
Everything is better with an accent.

2.) Leysin Nightlife.
Yes, there were only 3 bars. And yes, we ran every bar we went to.


1.) Village Camps Tuna.

“I tried to think of all the things I would miss about Leysin, and I wrote down the tuna… That’s all I wrote down.” -Katelyn.
Don’t judge us. It was really good.

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