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The Travel Interview w/ The BucketList Bombshells

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you weren’t confined to your desk day in and day out, waiting for the next paycheck? Not sure what you want to do after you graduate? What would you be able to do and see and who would you be able to meet if you were out living your life on your terms? Luckily, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing two young women who are turning that dream into a reality, not only for themselves, but for women all around the world. Introducing The Bucketlist Bombshells – Shay & Cassie. These two badass GirlBosses have taken their skills from university and applied them to create a digital nomad lifestyle, a lifestyle that you too can easily attain with their help and your dedication.

The Bucketlist Bombshells have worked endlessly to create the Work Online + Travel The World Course for young women who are about to graduate, recent grads or women looking for a change in their career. With their help and support, you too can organise, plan and implement your wildest dreams! Here’s their latest interview with them explaining how this concept all came about –

KP: Hey Ladies, Thanks so much for speaking with me!  Give us a little backstory on how Bucketlist Bombshells / WTC Course was created. 

The WTC course is inspired by so many people we meet during our travels that are always asking us, “How do you do it?!” and desperately wanting to know how to create this lifestyle. Not only that, we built the course as it’s what we would’ve wanted when we first started! We realized we could teach other wanderlust seekers how to live our lifestyle while avoiding the mistakes we made and utilizing the tips we’ve learned through our experience to be successful even sooner. We also wanted to create a worldwide community to inspire others during their journey, have a solid support system and place to go to seek advice.

We coined the name Bucketlist Bombshells for ourselves as globetrotting digital nomads ticking off our Bucket List! We decided it was the perfect name for our brand as being a Bucketlist Bombshell is someone who believes in living life on her own terms. She believes that being young is one of her greatest strengths. She’s a go-getter, a dreamer and a doer. She seeks a life of adventure and believes in chasing her dreams now because, well, life is just too short to wait.


KP: I think so many girls out there can relate to your experiences, and are so excited to have resources like the WTC Course at their fingertips – I know I am! Now that you have your digital nomad lifestyle in full swing, what were your original professional dreams when you graduated university?

Shay: “I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur ever since I was 15 years old, although I had my sights set on a vastly different industry when I graduated. I wanted to be an editor of a fashion magazine and a future shoe designer.”

Cassie: “I originally had my heart set on being the CEO of a social enterprise – essentially running a fashion company with the social purpose of giving back.”

KP: Wow, you both have ambitious goals. Seems you’ve both channeled your inner Girl Bosses from an early age! What first motivated you to step outside your comfort zone and start traveling?

Shay: “The experience I had when I studied abroad in France my junior year was my primary motivation to continue traveling. I learned how to be outside my comfort zone, maneuver in a new culture, get by with the language barrier and be completely independent. I was able to see 4 countries and 27 cities in a matter of 4 months…needless to say, I completely fell in love with travel.”

Cassie: “I grew up loving travel as my mom always pushed me into new cultures and outside of my comfort zone. She was adamant that I be open to trying new things. The summer before my senior year, I went on a 6-week backpacking trip through Europe with little to no itinerary. I loved the challenge and the experience.”

KP: From the sound of it, you’ve both done your fair share of traveling the world! How did you figure out you could actually fund your travels through your freelance work?

Shay & Cassie: We didn’t originally build our businesses to be able to travel. We built our businesses to have the ability to create an alternative lifestyle as we were both living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico shortly after graduation. To continue the lifestyle we wanted, we needed to start making serious buck! So we ramped it up, took the skills we learned from university, previous work experience and started applying it to build our freelancing portfolios.

…and IT WORKED! We started being successful, fast, and one late night at our kitchen table, we created a Bucket List after realizing we had the freedom to work from anywhere in the world! Then, we set off on our adventure!


KP: As an aspiring digital nomad myself, it’s very inspiring to hear your story is so relatable. How has the process been of creating the Work Online + Travel The World Course? Difficult, Exciting, Scary?

Shay & Cassie: The best way to describe the process would be excited nervousness! We’re putting everything on the table as we’ve poured our hearts into making the WTC course a reality. When creating a lifestyle business, you’re putting yourself out there and that can always be a scary thing.

KP: What is the mission of the Bucketlist Bombshells?

Shay & Cassie: We aim to inspire and guide wanderlust seekers and young entrepreneurial spirits to create a freedom-based online business while ticking off their Bucket List around the world.


KP: I’m sure you agree that as you tick off items off you Bucket List, you begin to accumulate unbelievable memories – What’s been the best memory you’ve created together so far in your travels?

Shay & Cassie: We’ve had SO many amazing memories but if had to choose our best “big” memory would be the day we were elephant caretakers in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Elephants are such beautiful creatures and we had the opportunity to bond with them in such an awesome way!


Our favorite “little” moment was an evening home in Rome when we ordered gelato home delivery and binge-watched The Mindy Project (either a high-point or low-point…we’ll let you be the judge).

KP: I’m always a fan of gelato, so I’d like to think that’s a high point! Now, I always have a hard time answering this question, but I have to ask -What has been your favourite country you’ve visited so far?

Shay & Cassie: THAILAND!!! From wandering the night markets, riding our scooters, visiting temples, exploring the islands, waterfalls, getting lost in bustling Bangkok, experiencing the floating markets, working from unique coffee shops…we loved every minute!

KP: Well that’s great to hear because I just moved to Thailand!! Finally, if you could give one piece of advice to women who want to travel the world, what would it be?

Shay & Cassie: Our biggest piece of advice would be to not just be a dreamer but you need to be a doer! If you want to work and travel the world, what steps are you taking TODAY to make that happen? Figure out what the next step is and take action now!

Follow Shay & Cassie’s adventures and find out more about the WTC Course here: 

The Work Online + Travel The World Course






Shay graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor Degree of Commerce with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. She holds certifications from HubSpot for Inbound Marketing and Google Analytics for Campaign Fundamentals. Shay has worked with brands from all over the world and in varying industries to launch their online marketing initiatives from the ground up. She specializes in helping online coaches develop and market new online products and services through her company My Bliss Publishing.

Cassie graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor Degree in Strategic Communication with a double minor in Business and French. She specializes in helping beauty and lifestyle brands rock’ their online presence from website design, graphic design and content creation through her company Digitally BrewedIn addition to work, she also loves to chronicle her travel adventures on her personal blog.

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