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Where In The World  was created to give readers an honest look through the eyes of a traveler and an expat. While I tend to think I’ve had more unique experiences than most, the truth is you’ve seen more. You’ve seen places I can only dream of. You’ve witnessed and experienced funny, scary, emotional and beautiful moments. Even if it was just a road trip to the next town, that’s something only you can recall. 

I want to highlight and showcase those stories, those memories. Whether it’s a hilarious short anecdote or a tremendous life-changing event, “That One Time In…” is a space for you, my fellow traveler, to tell your story. It’s a place for you to recount and reminisce all of the stories your friends back home will never understand (and usually don’t even listen to!) It’s an online community of like-minded individuals who want to learn more about places they’ve never been – and maybe get a laugh or two!

We all have our own stories. This one is yours. 

To be featured, please email me at, and follow these guidelines:

  • Please submit a story 600-1500 words long, with 3-5 pictures from that particular trip/country.
  • Make sure all stories fall within the “travel story-telling” theme. This is not a place for How To’s or Best Of’s, unless it comes naturally with the story.
  • Send an Author’s Bio 50-100 words long; Feel free to add as many social media links as you’d like.
  • If you’d like to stay anonymous, please specify in your email.

I’m looking forward to having your story featured on That One Time In…  🙂

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