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Review: Mejico in Bangkok

A few months ago, Sam and I reviewed Mejico in the Sydney location, and were absolutely blown away by the whole experience. When we found out there was a Mejico location in Bangkok, we were very excited to test out the cuisine. As anyone who has visited Southeast Asia can attest to, finding delivious and authentic mexican food is quite the challenge. Luckily for you, now there is an amazing Mexican restaurant right in the heart of Bangkok!

The head chef is from Mexico City and relocated to Bangkok to work at Mejico four months ago. He is actually competing in Thailand’s Ironchef soon. We knew this was going to be a mouthwatering experience from his credentials alone. Each Mejico location has their own distinct taste, depending on the local ingredients available and the head chef’s style of cooking. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that there were different plates to try, and the chef and general manager were handpicking their favourite dishes for us to test out.


Sippin on a Signature Margarita

But first… Tequila. Mejico has over 180 tequilas from all over the world racked up behind the bar. You can choose from a wide range of margaritas, cocktails and shots. The most fun thing to do while at the restaurant is to use their wheel. You line up different blocks based off price, intensity and flavour, and the numbers that line up correlate to a type of tequila shot to take. Sam decided to partake in the fun and ordered a “Cultured, Scaredy Cat and Woody” shot. I ordered the signature Margarita that had a very unique twist to it – coconut and mango juice. Testing out their margaritas is always a highlight of my meal at Mejico.

Soon after the drinks came by, they brought out the ingredients for their world famous Guacamole, which they smash in front of you at the table. In Sydney, their special ingredient is pistachios, but here in Bangkok the special ingredient is pumpkin seeds. It was a really interesting twist, and we thoroughly enjoyed it to the very last scoop. Next up, was the General Manager’s favourite – the beef carpaccio, thinly sliced beef with lime juice, soy sauce, avocado and parmesan cheese. It was absolutely stunning, and one of my favourites of the meal.


Chicken & Chorizo Tacos

After that, it seemed like plates were coming and going and we couldn’t believe how they could get more and more delicious. There wasn’t a single thing we didn’t like, and we would’ve ordered seconds of it all! We had the chicken & chorizo tacos, soft shell crab tacos, agave glazed carrots and the lamb shank. All of which were UNREAL. The lamb shank literally fell off the bone, and was so beautifully done. It also came with tortillas to make tacos with as well. Sam’s a huge fan of soft shell crab, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that this was his favourite. I loved the chicken & chorizo tacos. It had a beautiful cumin salsa glazed over the top, and had just a bit of a kick to it that I like.

The meal ended with what could only be considered an authentic Mexican desert – Churros. The head chef told us he makes them differently than the location in Sydney, meaning his churros are thinner and crispier, but still absolutely tasty. It came with some fruit and a mini fondue-like bowl of chocolate. We ate every last drop, and didn’t regret a single second of it!



Aside from the food, the staff had been very attentive, all spoke very good English and made sure we were always taken care of. The decor has a very modern rustic feel to it, and it feels open and spacious with lots of natural light coming in from the big patio outside. On a nice day, it would be great to sit outside on their patio and drink a cold margarita!

Most prices for food are between 200-600 baht for certain plates. Sides are around 100 baht, and drinks range anywhere from 150+ for beer and 200+ for margaritas and cocktails. Premium tequilas are higher.

Mejico is a modern Mexican fusion type restaurant and bar with a market to table model. You can taste the freshness and the uniqueness with every bite. You can really tell that the Managers, Chef and staff all really care about the consumer experience. For someone who craves mexican food on a daily basis, this was an amazing little break from the normal food you eat in SE Asia.

If you’re in Bangkok, be sure to check out Mejico! I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Mejico Bangkok in exchange for this review. As always, I would never endorse or recommend a service or product that I didn’t honestly love 🙂

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