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Only In Australia… The Craziest Moments In The Land Down Under

Oh Australia! Beautiful weather, gorgeous views, laid back people, dangerous animals, and some of the craziest experiences of my life! I’m not too sure whether it’s the heat or the isolation, but I’ve had more crazy happen to me here then anywhere else in the world. From music festivals to big nights out to dangerous spiders, I’ve seen it all here in the land down under –

Like the time I watched my first rugby game, and NSW had beaten Queensland for the first time in 8 years, and I was stuck in a house with 20 maniacs running around shirtless from excitement. Or the time my Dad surprised me by visiting in Sydney without me knowing. Or the time in Phillip Island when I was hand feeding kangaroos, and one of the roos got a little feisty with me and snatched the food out of my hand and wouldn’t leave me alone! Or the time at Splendour In The Grass when we boogied to Outkast. Or the time on my birthday where we all got smashed in a tiny Nepalese restaurant and ended up in an Adult Store in Newtown giggling like school kids. Or the time I almost got eye gouged by a Magpie during swooping season… If you don’t know what that means, look it up – it’s terrifying.

I swam with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef, watched the sunrise over the 12 Apostles, hiked the Blue Mountains, went on a wine tasting tour through the Hunter Valley, climbed the Harbour Bridge, and everything in between. It’s been a surreal adventure from start to finish, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

I was interested to see if my readers and other bloggers have had a similar experience while in Australia. They all came back to me with crazier stories than my own! Looks like I’m not the only one who looks back on their time in Oz with unbelievable memories. Here’s a few stories of my fellow bloggers’ time in our beloved, albeit a tad insane, country.

Alyssa from My Life Is A Movie – Locked Up Abroad:


After getting my debit and credit card stolen in Thailand, and traveling twenty hours on Malaysia Airlines, I had finally made it to Sydney at around 8am. Unfortunately, I couldn’t check in to my hotel until 2pm, and to make matters worse, it was about 40 degrees and raining. I decided to go on the City Sightseeing Tour which literally lasted five hours, and it was still raining so I opted for an indoor activity – The Sydney Aquarium. Online it said it was open until 8pm so I didn’t think much about the lack of staff up front to take my ticket, and went in anyway. I thought I was so cool and a VIP because I had the whole place to myself, and took my time taking countless selfies with the sharks. Apparently I spent too much time doing that because when I got to the exit…it was gated shut. I ran around yelling, trying to find the exit but ended up in the same spot like I was in a freaking twilight zone. Finally, after much debate, I launched myself as hard as I could against the emergency exit, setting off the alarm and flying face first onto the cold, wet alley. I ran away mortified, and drowned my sorrows in wine at the Sydney Opera Bar.

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Nina from Nina Travels – Blue Mountains:


Traveling to Australia was always high on our list and we have finally had the opportunity to explore this magical destination. We thought we will be only looking at kangaroos and koalas and had no idea Australia is also good for all the adrenalin freaks. Canyoning in the Blue Mountains was the wildest thing we had done. Not just because I had to overcome my fears for height and jumping and sliding into pools, but also because of the huge challenge at the end. We had to abseil from the 30 meter high waterfall! My knees are still shaking when I think of this adventure. Looking back at the photos, I still cannot believe, we have really did this! It was fantastic and we recommend it to everyone!

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Jenn from Who Needs Maps – Rides in Cop Cars:


When I was in Australia, things happened to me would never happen anywhere else. There was one night where a few friends and I went out. A guy invited us to this really nice club in Melbourne, got us in for free, and gave us free drinks all night! Sweet night until it started down pouring rain and NO taxi would stop for us. In fact, a taxi pulled up in front of us and then was like “nah” and drove off. We were drenched, cold and desperate for a cab. We waved down what we thought was another taxi but actually a cop car! We asked politely like “Please sir, we are so cold and tired, can you take us home?”. He told us he’s not allowed to have people in his car but he liked us so he let us in! We drove in the cop car all the way to our dorms and he even called our names out as he drove off with his sirens on like we had been arrested! It was awesome!

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Dannielle from While I’m Young And Skinny – Manly: 


My most mental moment in Aus was when myself and my friends accepted a ‘free bed’ in what turned out to be a squat in Manly during a three month backpacking adventure. We dumped our stuff in the dungeon like basement and went out on the town in Sydney – only to realise at 4am over kebabs that we had no idea where our bed for the night actually was. None of us had thought to make a note of the address! Cut to us cruising around Manly’s suburbs in the early hours in tears. When we asked our taxi driver if he had SatNav (who knows how that was going to help with no address!), he handed  us a phone book. Not ideal. Luckily, we eventually found our home away from home!
Shane from Sea Salt Secrets – Watson’s Bay:
Back in October, after a few months in Australia, I was invited to a Cider Festival in Watson’s Bay on a Sunday afternoon. Silly me got all excited for hayrides, bobbing for apples and doing autumn oriented activities (Not realizing at the time this was spring). Imagine my surprise when I turn up to an entire festival revolving around hard ciders. Who knew it was such a big thing here! Needless to say, by the end of the day I was bobbing for apples, in a different state than anticipated.
So there you have it – the craziest stories that could only happen in the land down under. Through all of the insanity, I wouldn’t trade it for a second! Australia is truly one of a kind!

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