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My First Leap Over The Pond

I’ve never flown across the Atlantic before, and it was quite a learning experience. On Wednesday morning, I woke up at 4:30 am, left from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando, sat in the Orlando airport for 4 hours (major people watching), then flew from Orlando to Newark. I boarded the biggest plane I’ve ever seen in Newark to make our way to Geneva. After a loooong 8 hours of watching movies, trying to sleep in the most awkward positions, and eating what United Airlines claims to be chicken, we finally made it into the beautiful city of Geneva at 8 am Switzerland Time. So yes, that was basically a full 24 hours of traveling. I was tired, sore, delirious, but mostly so so excited.


Geneva Airport with our backpacks!

I learned on these flights that I will never ever bring a baby on a plane for the sake of everyone else’s sanity. I learned that I should probably wear matching socks to the airport because when I went through security the TSA agents found my pink palm tree sock and blue striped sock amusing.

Once we successfully got our luggage, exchanged money and found our teachers, we all boarded a bus for a beautiful hour ride around Lake Geneva up to Leysin. Leysin is the most perfect little city ever, and everyone is so nice and welcoming. The town loves FSU, and they even planned to throw a party for us at the Top Pub. All of the students on the trip are very friendly and down to earth. I think this is going to be an incredible experience.


Driving around Lake Geneva


Leysin with Tillie and Mallory

I’m excited to spend the weekend here before we’re off to Interlaken!

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