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How To Travel For Free Without Breaking The Bank

If you haven’t read my original post – How Do You Afford It? – you can check it out, here.

After writing on the annoyances of friends and friends of friends asking me how I can afford to travel or move to another country, I realised I never explained how it is actually possible to do so.

I hear all the time how my friends say “OMG, Can I please have your life?” And then when it comes down to it, they think they can’t have the same experiences. Primarily, due to financial worries.

There’s many ways to travel and see the world that not only save you money, but also enhances and enriches your experiences and ultimately your life. Some I’ve tried, and some I’m going to take my fellow travelers’ word for it. But if you’re really desiring to see the world, and shutting down the idea because of money –  fear no more.

You’ll be amazed at how little you need to spend in order to see the world.

Travel the KP Way

1.) Couchsurfing – I’ve posted about CS before, and I’ll post about it again. CS is one of my favourite travel tools out there today. It’s an online community of travelers that allows each other to connect and “surf” fellow travelers couches while along their journeys. I’ve made some amazing friends in many cities (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Munich, Budapest, Frankfurt, etc) You get a free place to stay, and often times a free and friendly tour guide. As an added bonus, you experience the city like a true local. If you’re worried abut your safety, be sure to read my CS post.

2.) Airbnb – Airbnb allows people to rent out their rooms, apartments or even whole houses for reduced prices – often times dramatically cheaper than hotels/hostels. It’s also nice to feel a little more at home in an apartment tucked away in a quaint neighborhood as opposed to a 24-person mixed dorm.


3.) Workaway –  Here, you can volunteer to work for a few hours a day in exchange for a place to stay and usually a few meals a day. This work can range from waitressing to bartending at hostels to marketing for a yoga studio to working on a farm to teaching English to babysitting – in cities all over the world! If you decide to work in a city that speaks a foreign language, you’ll most likely get free language lessons as well! Usually, these places would like for you to work with them for a minimum of two weeks. But if you’re going to be volunteering in a city, you’ll be getting a real taste of the culture.

4.) Housesitting – Sites like, Mind My House, allow you to take care of someone’s house or pets for long-term stay. This is a great way to save some money if you’re planning on an extended stay in one city. Free accommodation? Free access to washer/dryer/kitchen/etc? I’ll take it!

5.) WWOOF – Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms allows you the opportunity to work on an organic farm in exchange for free accommodation and meals. You surely would get the experience of a lifetime. Not many people can say they’ve worked on a farm in a foreign country!

6.) Au Pair – Being an Au Pair is an incredible way to live like a local. As an Au Pair, you spend a few hours a day looking after the family’s children. It is often accompanied with free rent, meals, a car, and language lessons. They usually want English speaking nannies in order to teach their children English. On top of accommodation/meals, you’ll get a stipend each week for spending money.

7.) Car Sharing –  Similar to Couchsurfing, there are communities to find rides with strangers to cities close in proximity. Saving you money on flights, trains or busses. You’re bound to meet some awesome people along the way.

8.) Hitchhiking – Lastly, there’s hitchhiking! It’s much more common in Europe, New Zealand and Australia than in the US. It’s also a lot less creepy. People are very used to picking hitchhikers up along the way in their travels. It’s the ultimate way to save money.

So hopefully when you start to get that itch to go see the world, and then feel restricted by your bank account (like I always do..), I hope these tips help you. You may think, “These tips sound great, but yeah right, I could never do that.” Well, you’ll never know until you try. My trust and faith in humanity was restored after Couchsurfing and meeting some of the best people in the world. Trying something so completely new (and scary) like hitchhiking could change the way you see the world forever – and save you a few bucks 🙂

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