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Cruising into Port at 12 am…

Mykonos & Santorini
End of June 2013

It was pretty convenient that we pulled up to the Port of Mykonos at midnight right after the cruise ship Deck Party. It was the one night that the cruise ship crew members were allowed out for the night… And boy, was Mykonos the right place to do that.  I’ve heard stories and seen pictures, and I knew that Mykonos was the place to let loose.  After dancing on the top deck of the cruise with the rest of the ship and watching the full moon as we pulled up to the small port of Mykonos, my friends and I were anxious to see what would come of the night.

We got off the ship, with the 20 other young kids on the ship and about 300 other crew members. We had busses take us to the famous Scandinavian Bar in Mykonos, where the doctor of the cruise ship got us in for free! It was a crazy night with great music and a great crowd. We all walked back to the ship with the sunrise and ate breakfast on the ship. It was quite an experience.


After a quick “nap,” we got back up around noon and made our way to the famous Paradiso Beach. There, we relaxed in the sun and met a few people on a neighboring ship.  It was a glorious day with glorious people.  We realized we had to get back to the ship soon, and we were offered rides back on ATVs by our new friends.  We took the chance! We went winding through the roads of Mykonos gazing at the breathtaking views on the way back to the ship. We made it back in the knick of time and relaxed by the pool before yet another crazy dinner with our main men, Sampon and Marco, at dinner.

We spent the last day in Greece in Santorini.  I was super excited to get up to Fira and go ATVing through the mountains and beaches, but I was not so excited to travel up to Fira by donkey. Lucky for me, I was able to opt out and take the cable car up. Once up in Fira, we walked around the beautiful town and made our way to the ATV rental store. Everything got sorted, and we were off! I was in the presence of the most incredible views with incredible, fun-loving people. I was truly so blessed and lucky to have experienced this day. The only downfall was having to walk down the steps of Fira to the ship, which was filled with Donkeys…. And I’m terrified of horses and donkeys.  It took a lot of strength for me to not break down, but I made it back to the ship safe and sound. Thank god!

IMG_3489 IMG_3498

All in all, Greece exceeded my expectations, and I know I will definitely be making my way back at some point in my life. The people, the food, the music, the culture, the landscapes all were indescribably perfect.

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