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Barcelona. I don’t even know where to begin. Should I start where we got lost trying to find our friend Marcos’s apartment…


Kayla, Juliana, Katelyn, Caroline, Evan, the Mallory, and Tillie all traveled to Barcelona together after Interlaken. Kayla and I went to her friend’s, Marcos, house. He was so kind and got Kayla a phone to use for the week. We went out that night with him since he’s a promotor and had such a good time on Las Ramblas. The next day I ran around the city and found my way up to the XGames venues, which I was SO excited about going to on Friday for the BMX Vert. After my run, we walked around Port Vell and bought the BEST SANDWICH I’VE EVER HAD. It was at Bo d B close to Port Vell. Literally the best sandwich ever, I don’t even know what was on it, I just asked for everything to be on it. We walked down to the beach to eat it and hang out. Later that night, we went out to Ryans Pub for a little.

Thursday, we took a tour bus, which I’m usually opposed to, and toured around Barcelona. We saw Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and the soccer stadium. It was the perfect way to see the city, we spent the whole day walking around and looking at some of the most spectualr views. We bought the best hot chocolate in the city, it was essentially melted chocolate in a cup with churros. SO GOOD.

IMG_1940IMG_1898 IMG_1883 IMG_1860

Thursday night, Marcos made a reservation at this local catalonian restaurant, where you get to taste wine while you wait for a table. Clearly, we took advantage of this. It was quite possibly the funniest dinner in my entire life. Katelyn, Evan, and I shared their signature dish…. rabbit. It was surprisingly very good.


Friday, we went to the beach, which was very relaxing. Later that night, we went to the XGames and watched a friend compete in the BMX Vert Final. It was such a cool experience being there. It definitely confirmed my dream of working for the X Games one day.

IMG_1981 IMG_1980

Barcelona is definitely on my list of places I could live later on in life.

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