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And So It Begins…

It’s only been two full days in Leysin, and it’s already been a crazy adventure. Getting over jet lag was a task, but we made it through the whole day and went out that night to the local bar, Station. The next day, we had orientation, and roamed around the village, listening and trying to learn as much french as possible.  We’re so high up on the mountain (approx. 1600 m) that we’ve been living in a cloud for the past few days.

We had so much fun getting ready together and walking up even more stairs to get to the bar. Sidenote: If I’m not in the best shape of my life after all this hiking/climbing, then I will lose all hope. Anyways, we went to the Station first to see our bartender friend, met some nice locals who work at the high school in Leysin, and then made our way to the Top Pub.   We got a taste of what the people were like in this town, and I think we are all going to enjoy being here.


Top Pub with Kayla!

This morning, Mallory and I didn’t have class so we went on a 7 hour, 6 mile hike down to the city of Aigle and through several towns after with two locals we met the night before. We surprisingly made it down the mountain without any casualties and saw a few llamas.   On our way back, we picked up a loaf of bread, some prosciutto, cheese, and champagne.  We sat on the side of the road and had a little picnic. It was truly an incredible day, even though my legs hate me now.


Llamas on our hike!

Now, the group is all packing up for our week’s trip in Interlaken and Barcelona!

More stories to come!

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