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A Romantic History Lesson at St. Augustine

Since the mandatory study of Florida’s history in fourth grade, I’ve been aware of the importance of St. Augustine to not only Florida, but to our nation as a whole. Many schools take field trips to this beautiful city to teach their students about the history of the first landing on the United States. Unfortunately, my primary school and middle school were located too far away to make a quick day trip, so sadly I’ve never been to this beautiful city up until recently.


This past Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend, Sam, flew 12,000 miles from Sydney, Australia to be with me on this special day. We drove over to St. Augustine, FL for a romantic beach getaway. I fell in love with this quaint, historic city filled with character and quirky storefronts. Strolling St. George Street peering into the store displays with a cone of ice cream in one hand and my boyfriend’s hand in the other was the most ideal way to spend such a romantic day.

Here are a few places I definitely recommend to those traveling to the first settlement in U.S. history.

Accommodation: The Conch House. We stayed here for one night for a very reasonable price and were surprised at how spacious our room was. For one condo, including a master bedroom, guest bedroom, bathroom, living room, and fully stocked kitchen, we comfortably roamed about with a perfect view of the marina.

Romantic Dining: The Conch House Restaurant. It seemed too perfect that the most recommended restaurant to eat at just happened to be at our hotel. We had reservations at 6:00 pm to overlook the sunset on the top deck of the establishment. Just in the nick of time, we enjoyed an incredible, picturesque view while sipping on wine. The menu was mainly seafood with reasonable prices, as well. The food was served timely, and it was all very delicious. All in all, we had a great experience.
conch house rest

Attractions: Since St. Augustine has such a rich historical background, there’s an abundance of museums and historical sites to go see. Being students without much money to spend, we tend to stray away from pricey attractions, but there was one place I absolutely wanted to see: The Fountain of Youth.  For a mere $12 each, we toured around the historical landing point of where Ponce De Leon first hit the United States from Puerto Rico. We witnessed a demonstration of the weapons being shot, and we took a few shots of the Fountain of Youth just for good measure.

Entertainment: For those of you who genuinely enjoy people watching, a good stroll down St. George Street in the downtown area is quite the show.  We ate lunch at the Florida Cracker Café and Casa Maya. Both had live music and a great wait staff. After our dinner on Valentine’s Day, we stopped at Sangria’s Wine and Piano Bar, where there was an incredibly jazz band playing on the second floor. We sat right outside on the balcony overlooking St. George Street, which was a similar experience to being on a balcony of Bourbon Street, minus the beads and the boobs. Another great bar we frequented was A1A Ale Works, which brews its own beers and sells for a very cheap price. There was great old school music and a lively crowd that made for the perfect ending to the night.
casa maya

St. Augustine is a perfect getaway for the young and the old. There’s something to do no matter how old you are, and there are many activities that are absolutely fascinating at any age range.

For more pictures from the trip, check out my Instagram at @Where_In_TheWorld

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